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Welcome to Gaia Fit Lifestyle ONLINE

Welcome to Gaia Fit Lifestyle ONLINE

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About Me

My name is Mary Patterson, wife, boy mom, personal trainer and nutrition counselor ready to bring you your one stop shop for living YOUR healthiest life! We are ready to help you get rid of the noise and find what works best for you in a step by step easy to follow process. Let's end the roller coaster ride of diets, fads and trends once and for all! 


Why You Should Join The Gaia Fit Lifestyle

You are joining a community of like minded people looking to feel good and do good! You will have access to our signature Gaia Fit Transformation Program that takes you through an easy to follow in the real world step by step process addressing fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. A healthy life, no matter what your goals are encompasses so much more than following a quick fix meal plan. We believe in bio-individuality and helping you find the foods and habits that fuel your health, meet your life at the present moment AND help you reach your goals at the same time! 

In addition to our Signature Gaia Fit Transformation Program, you will have access to our 21 Day Healthy Refresh and Fasting Education and Accountability! This forum will grow each month continuing to educate you on healthy habits, nutrition and fitness trends AND we will host live coaching calls each month for our Transformation program giving you the chance to talk to us and your fellow Gaia Fit tribe members! Talk about amazing 24/7 support!!

A Big Thanks

Thank you for joining the Gaia Fit Lifestyle ONLINE tribe! The more our community grows, the more support you will get from others looking to live their healthiest life too! 

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